Quarterly portfolio communication is the key to maintaining an effective partnership with our clients

Every quarter, MSM reviews each client portfolio in person, by phone or Skype.  The quarterly review addresses recent portfolio performance versus benchmark, asset allocation versus target, performance of individual holdings and the portfolio in total.  We seek client input on an ongoing basis and seek to provide financial guidance that is responsive to client goals and evolving needs.

Our History

Established in 1997 as a fee only financial advisory firm

About Us

We assist our clients in prioritizing and quantifying their financial goals

Defining  goals is the key to achieving success

Goal identification is our first objective with our clients.  Also, we assist our clients in defining their risk tolerance, quantifying liquidity requirements, position for portfolio tax efficiency and define their investment horizon

MSM Financial Strategies

We provide personalized solutions for client's financial needs on an objective and unbiased basis.   On-going client communication is key to our ability to be effective over the long term; we speak with our clients at least quarterly. Strategies we recommend are drawn from our partners combined 80 years of  experience in the fields of investment management and financial planning. 


In 1985, Pat, Trish and John first collaborated together while working in Finance at Chase Manhattan Bank (now J. P. Morgan Bank). Prior to this, each had gained substantial financial experience at various Fortune 500 entities.


Some years after the initial encounter, a more significant collaboration ensued when a strategy developed to launch MSM Financial Strategies with an intent to provided a highly customized financial advisory service.  


Through market ups and downs, we have sought to provide personalized advice

 to our loyal clientele.


We welcome the opportunity to speak with prospective clients and offer a complimentary one hour consultation.  Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.